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Valley RV is a locally owned full service RV dealership featuring 5th wheel, travel, and toy hauler trailers, along with an excellent selection of slide-in campers. We support our customers with a professionally staffed service/parts department and we fully warranty everything we sell! mn.gov - http://Mn.gov/commerce-stat/pdfs/recreational-vehicles.pdf Browse our website - Checkout both our online inventory and the handy links below to our manufacturers' websites. Please contact Chad or Scott - they each have decades of experience and will be happy to assist you! Drop on by, take your time looking over our inventory, discuss the various models with our staff, and enjoy an absolutely hassle free shopping experience!

We stayed 3 more nights in Kenai and Gino met with his friend from his "wild days". CB's right away and was able to visit for a short time. RV's with the orange signs, but they were not there, so we left a note, and that evening they all came by our campsite at another campground and for a visit. The next day Newell & Marie came to our campground and we camped together another night and then we both headed off together for Hyder. After Whitehorse, headed to the gravel/dirt road to Hyder. I was kind of getting halibut overdose. The afternoon Spike and tour was due in we put on our yellow jackets and hid until they had their group meeting at camp run-a-muck. Did see about 7 bear and loved it.

We had already had a wonderful trip and met many wonderful and neat people - http://Www.Coachmenrv.com/class-c-motorhomes/prism and Spike did an incredible job leading the tour and we will recommend - https://www.Bankatcnb.bank/personal/loans/recreational-vehicles his tour to anyone who plans on going to Alaska. Like Ethel and Gino, we also plan on trying to attend the rally in January, and hope to see lots of others from our group there also. Everyone take care and keep in touch and to those that I promised copies of my poem I promise - https://Www.thormotorcoach.com/motorhomes/class-bplus-motorhomes/ to get it to you as soon as I can. We went back to work last Tuesday and have been busy since. Oh, as for my Bells Palsy, it's getting better each day I believe and I have an appt.

Thurs. so I will keep all informed about that also. Thanks for all the prayers and concerns while on the trip and for all prayers even now. How is everything going with the two of you? What exciting adventure are you doing now? We are back to reality and it has really been hectic. We have Alex back in school. Alfred or Seymore as he was known in his past life is doing just great! Alex is doing well also. I can tell you that we are still in the "afterglow" of our Alaska adventure. So many people want to see our pictures and hear all about it.

What a marvelous opportunity it was for us and thank you so much for how wonderful you made it for us! Chuck and Ellen are coming over next Sunday night for dinner so we can go over some pictures and just "relive" our great experience. I am working on my Alaska pictures and there are some on your website for tour 2 that I would like to have. I have not been able to download them or even just print them off of the website. Is there any possible way I could get a disk with those pictures on it. I hope all is well with you and we plan to see you in January.

Lynna and Bob Schauer and Alex too. This is the picture that Kerry took while we were camped in Homer in June. He just kept getting closer and closer until the flag and the eagle went into the frame like this. We would like to thank you for such a wonderful trip last spring. It was way more than we expected and we would never have done or learned near the things you presented to us. We'd love to go back there but it sure won't be the same without your guidance. We praise your Tour anytime someone asks us how our trip to Alaska was.

Got home Thursday. Finally got the computer unloaded this afternoon and was going to download the tour two pics but they don't seem to be where I expected them. Also want to thank you, Spike for enabling a very life enhancing experience this summer, in so many ways. None of it really belongs - https://www.lamesarv.com/orlando-motorhomes-rvs in an email but at some point after I sort it out maybe we can talk. At any rate, I really appreciate your input in my life. There are so many wonderful memories from our time together. Now that we are on our own, we are missing everyone terribly and we talk of you often.

Traveling mercies to all. Hi, we are Jim and Joyce Tiedeman. We live in Sauk City, WI and have been on 3 tours to Alaska with Gilbert Fortier - first in 1999, and again in 2002 and 2004 as tailgunners for Gilbert. In 1999, we were on the first tour which started the first part of May. In 2002 and 2004, we were on the third tour and that is the one that we enjoyed the most. The weather is good, the flowers are beautiful, there aren't as many people as during the middle of the summer, there are more animals and fishing is good. Gilbert is a great guide, very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about B.C., the Yukon and Alaska.

If you go on a tour with him, you will know more about these areas and see more attractions than most of the natives. While you do not have to do all the things that are on his itinerary, most of his customers do as they may never have the opportunity again. royrobinsonrv.com - https://www.royrobinsonrv.com/rv-class-a-motorhome-cars He knows where to shop for the best bargains, where to buy the most reasonable fuel and the best cinnamon rolls. Gilbert keeps his groups small so you get to know and enjoy all the other travelers. We have become friends with many of the people we've met on the tours and have visited them at their homes and keep in touch by e-mail.

I wish I had the time to tell you how much we, my wife and I, enjoyed our caravan. We would go back in a heart beat. We have a motorhome and we tow a Chevrolet Tracker four wheels down. At the time we went we could have gotten along without the tow while we were on the caravan, but it would have been inconvenient especially on the way out and on the way back. At the time we went, Spike had a van in which he could transport those who did not have a tow vehicle. gonorth-alaska.com - https://Gonorth-alaska.com/car-and-rv-rental/recreational-vehicles/ Don’t know if he still does this or not. As to whether we would recommend it? Yes we have had four couples go with Spike since we went and all four came back extremely satisfied!

As to hidden costs: What we liked about rv alaska - https://fantasyrvtours.com/ Alaskan Discovery Tours was that it is unlike any of the other caravans in that it is a la cart. As to the time to go - the early trip experiences - https://Www.thormotorcoach.com/chateau/floor-plans/ colder, wetter weather as a rule, but see more wildlife, especially young. The last trip you see bears due to the fact that the salmon are running later in the summer. We took the middle trip which afforded us the best weather, but less wildlife. We saw lots of wild flowers and some wildlife. I am sure that it would be pleasant to travel to the beginning of the caravan with friends, but we never felt insecure or unsafe traveling alone. We spent two months traveling to the caravan beginning point; and two months after the caravan concluded, partly in Alaska and also several weeks coming home.

We met individuals traveling to the caravan in Banff and went the remainder of the way with them. The number of rigs taking each caravan is limited. This is a plus. We have had friends who did this trip with huge caravans (33 rigs) and all they did was wait on each other. Spike’s caravans travel together and he points out over the CB radio things of interest and helps with road conditions as you approach them. craigslist.org - https://cincinnati.craigslist.org/search/rva We strongly believe that this is a real advantage over other caravans who sort of turn you loose and expect you to get to the next point on your own.

There are two breaks each day - morning and afternoon - as well as a lunch break. Most times these are at locations where food can be purchased or eaten in your rig. As to "hidden costs" - we had some "bean counters" on the caravan with us who reported at the end that the expenses predicted were right on target. Of course, you must figure in your personal costs for gifts, extra food costs according to your eating habits etc. Fuel was almost exactly what he predicted it would be. In the year we went, the fuel in Alaska was exactly what we had paid in Florida before leaving.

The fact that Spike lives in Alaska and obviously loves it is a real plus in our opinion. The small caravans are also a plus. You are NEVER left alone. If a rig experiences problems, the tail gunner is left with you. The trip to Alaska was very special to us. We had always wanted to go. We went to Alaska by RV in May 2001 and it was one of the greatest trips of our lives. We are still close to our fellow RVers we met on the trip. The owner of the company is also the guide. The trips start in Hazelton, BC and end in Kenai, AK.