Angela Hinkley


I am representing the Midwest out in Minnesota as the newest TNT Terrain Master – heck yeah! I have three Jeeps: 2018 WK2 (daily), 1999 TJ (Sunday driver) and 2014 JKU (trail rig). A girl can never have too many Jeeps!

Off-roading is life. I love to wheel in new places with different people. I am passionate about promoting and advocating for women in the off-road community, creating and maintaining our trails and rights to use them, and educating people on trial etiquette and proper and safe off-roading and recovery.

I am very involved in my local off-road community. Currently hold the Social Media Manager Role for the MN Four Wheel Drive Association along with being and active on the Public Relations and Membership Committee. I am the Co-Founder and CEO of Ladies Rock Off-Road Club (LROC) which is a local off-road club that focuses on creating a community of females in the sport of off-roading. Nationally I was part of the Ladies Offroad Network 2017 Top Ten and I am currently a Ladies Offroad Network Local Leader.

This is my rig. I represent the daily driving, slightly modified, weekend wheeler population. I am known for being the most capable, in the least capable rig.

2014 Sahara JKU

  • 2 ½ Mopar lift

  • 35” Kelly Safari tires

  • Raceline Wheels

  • Smittybilt front and rear bumpers

  • Smittybilt rock sliders


    What, no TNT product? That’s right, follow me on my journey as I build my legend with Max-Bilt and TNT!