4-Bolt Steering Conversion

TNT Jeep Cherokee XJ 4 Bolt steering upgrade - brackets
TNT Jeep Cherokee XJ 4 Bolt steering upgrade - bracketsTNT Jeep Cherokee XJ 4 Bolt steering upgrade
Price: Starting at $160.45

Manufacturer: TNT

Product Options:

XJ Pass. Bumper Mount:

If far from perfect is how you'd describe the JeepĀ® Cherokee XJ's steering, we at TNT would agree with you. One "feature" that we've grown especially fond of is the steering box that has only three mounting ears. What we were lucky enough to experience (on the trail) was the failure of said mounting ears. We can't tell you why so many jeeps were built with them but we can tell you how to upgrade the steering box on your JeepĀ® Cherokee XJ so you're never left stranded.


Jeep Cherokee XJ 4-bolt steering conversion
  • Inner 4-Bolt Steering Box space
  • Outer 4-Bolt Steering Box Bracket
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Installation Instructions
  • Available with Rock Runner Front Bumpers (as upgrade)



Jeep XJ 4-bolt steering conversion


  • Increase Steering Power (3:1 Fixed Ratio - YJ Box)
  • Stronger Steering Attachment to the unibody
  • Strengthens the unibody around the steering box

May be used with standard 3-bolt steering gear, until a 4-bolt box can be sourced and installed

Note: To use as just a steering reinforcement, you may have to trim the extended bumper mount off.

For Install Instructions CLICK HERE

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